Ar. Dr. RatnaKala Sithravel


PhD in Architectural Studies (UPM), B.Arch (Hons) (UTM),APAM

Ar.  Dr.  RatnaKala Sithravel is an architect attached to the Architectural Network and an independent researcher and educator. She is passionate about Therapeutic Design, Healthy Buildings and Lighting for Wellbeing (even in our most private of spaces -Bathrooms).

Her multidisciplinary research works, which integrated architectural and medical teams, developed an alternative architectural lighting design solution for human wellbeing in the tropics.  Her discoveries are published in top-ranked international journals. She actively shares her subject expertise as Guest Speaker with several organizations and is one of the Panel Speakers for the GreenRE Accredited Professional’s Course.  She also voluntarily participates in a number of NGO and Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) community events to contribute to society and the profession. In addition, she did part-time lecturing at the Universiti Malaya, where she tutored Year 1 Master of Architecture (M.Arch LAM -RIBA Part II) students enrolled in the Advanced Architectural Design Studio. Ar. Dr. RatnaKala believes innovation in design derives from simple, practical solutions that positively addresses complex, challenging issues - Less is more.


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