The 1st Edition of the Master Design Challenge is a special edition of the Roca One Day Design Challenge contest, where all the winners from the 2019 editions Roca One Day Design Challenge all around the world will be invited in January 2020 to come to Barcelona and participate in it. During the 3 days of duration of this contest, participants will be asked to take part into several activities with the objective of choosing the best of the bests designers of the competition.


The specific activities, the different briefings, the maximum points that can be won with each activity and the criteria by which the points will be given, will be announced just before the concrete activity commencement. The participant that accumulates most points at the end of all the activities will be the winner of the 2019 Master Design Challenge


Being a good product designer implies numerous qualities, for instance, taking into account different factors such as social context or concern for sustainability, especially when we talk about the design of products for the bathroom space. Our aim is to involve the community of young designers in the research for original, innovative and sustainable yet simple solutions, which improve user’s interaction with the products, specially the bathroom products.

Another goal is to offer a platform to promote, facilitate and concentrate creativity in a display of fast and intensive work focused.


The winners of the first prize of the Roca One Day Design Challenge competitions of 2019 will be personally invited to participate in this 2019 Master Design Challenge. Roca may also invite, at its own discretion, other participants in the Roca One Day Design Challenge competitions of 2019, attending to the quality of the projects submitted to the said competitions.

During the second semester of 2019, the invitation to participate in the 2019 Master Design Challenge will be sent to all invitees to the email account provided during the Roca One Day Design Challenge 2019 registration, with the enrolment procedure and required information details.

Invitees who participated in the Roca One Day Design Challenge competition in 2019 as a group of 2 members, can only participate in the 2019 Master Design Challenge with its original partner, unless the other member of the group does not participate in this new competition, in which case the relevant invitee may participate individually.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organisation reserves the right to cancel the contest in the event that, in the organisation’s opinion, the number of participants registered is not sufficient as to achieve the objective of the competition.

After confirming participation, participants will receive a travel (economy class) and accommodation plan proposal which costs will be borne by Roca. If the participant is in need to obtain a travel visa or permit to travel to Barcelona (Spain), it will be the participant’s responsibility to obtain it at its own expense. Roca will not borne any expenses not foreseen in the travel and accommodation plan.

Once the participant accepts the travel and accommodation plan offer from Roca, its participation will be confirmed and no further change to the plan will be accepted.

Once the travel and accommodation plan proposal has been accepted, the participant is obliged to assist to ALL the competition activities. If the participant does not assist to the entire competition, the participant will be required to reimburse the travel, accommodation and meal expenses to Roca in its entirety.


Participants arrival to Barcelona will take place between 18th  and 19th  January 2020.

The competition will take place during 20th, 21st and 22nd January 2020. The specific daily timetable will be given to the participants first day in the morning to preserve the secret character of the contest activities.

The participants in the contest will be covered by an accident insurance policy within the said policy scope. Roca assumes no liability for any incident occurred to the participants which is not included in the insurance policy scope or which happens at any date different to the dates foreseen in the event, travel and accommodation plan.

The specific activities that will be carried out during the 3 days competition will be communicated in writing to the participants before the start of each activity, including but not limited to, its instructions, presentation requirements, evaluation criteria and needed material.

The Jury reserves its right to leave the points of any activity unawarded if in their opinion none of the projects of such activity is of enough quality and/or originality.

The organization also reserves the right to disqualify any participant who incurs in disrespect towards the organization, the jury or another participant or in any unappropriated behavior or which may adversely affect the prestige or image of the contest.

Award ceremony: On 22nd January between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. the award ceremony is going to take place and the jury will announce the winner/s name/s according to the participant (group) that has won the most points during all of the competition activities.

Prizes: The winner(s) will be awarded with:

(a)   Three thousand euros (3,000€) per group;

(b)   a free Workshop in the Design and Architecture school of Boisbuchet at Lessac, France (to be chosen from a list provided by the school) with accommodation expenses included, to be carried out during 2020; and

(c)    a BenQ PD3220U Monitor valued in a thousand one hundred nineteen euros (1,190€); per person.

The winner must select the workshop he/she wants to carry out during the 30days following the Award ceremony by communicating its decision to Roca by email. If the winner does not communicate its preferred workshop before the above period, he/she will lose its right to the free workshop but will maintain its position as winner of the 2019 Master Design Challenge.

The BenQ Monitors and the Boisbuchet’s Workshop cannot be exchanged by its economic value under any circumstances.

In addition, other competition sponsors may discretionally award the winner, the finalists and/or the participants with special design and architecture material.

In order to be eligible to receive any of the prizes, the awarded person/s must attend all the activities of the competition including but not limited to the Award Ceremony that will take place the 22nd January 2020 between 12:00 p.m. and 2p.m. at the Roca Barcelona Gallery.

If the awarded person/group has not attended all the competition activities he/she (the group) will lose its right to the award and its condition of awarded person/group on the 2019 Master Design Challenge, that will pass on the following winner. 

If in any moment before the delivery of the prizes the Organization detects that any of the awarded projects does not meet the conditions set out in these rules or the specific rules of each activity, because one or more of its projects is not a creation of its/their own or has been published before or for any other reasons, the participant who submitted the project affected by such circumstance will be disqualified and the following winners and substitute winners will upgrade one place in the participants’ classification. If any prize could not be awarded because there are no enough substitute winners, such prize will be declared unawarded.

Required material

All participants must bring to the competition the following required material to be able to participate in all activities:

  • a device able to capture and transfer images,
  • a computer able to create PDF, and JPG files,
  • a computer with an image editing program, and
  • any other material they deem necessary to create their designs.

Roca Sanitario, S.A. reserves its right to disqualify those participants who have not brought the required material from the competition.

Other aspects

The spirit of this event strives to foster the participants’ creativity during the time over which the competition runs. As such, the projects submitted must be the own creations of the participants and must not have been used previously for any other purpose.

Projects must not have been published previously and/or have been used to win prizes in any other competitions. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any participant submitting a project which, in the opinion of the judges, includes objectionable content or does not meet the criteria relating to the method of project. The jury’s decision is final. 

The projects submitted must comply with the specific instructions and evaluation criteria provided before the commencement of each activity.

Without prejudice of what is set out in the following paragraphs, the Intellectual Property exploitation rights of the projects submitted belongs to their authors. However, the company Roca Sanitario, S.A. shall have preferential rights for a period of 6 months to reach an agreement with anyparticipant of the competition with respect to the rights to manufacture and commercialise the products resulting from the projects submitted.

By enrolling in this competition all participants (including the winner/s and finalists):

(I)                 assign to the companies that form part of the Roca Group, the reproduction, distribution and communication to the public rights over their projects submitted to the contest, for all countries in the world and for the maximum period permitted by law in each one of such countries for the purpose of promotion of their projects in publications of general interest and/or specialized magazines, as well as on the websites, editions and publications of Roca, and also on the contest website. Roca Group will be entitled to assign to third parties, without the previous written consent of the authors, the right of reproduction and publication of the projects submitted by the authors to the contest for the territorial and temporal scope they deem necessary, for the sole and only purpose of promoting the authors projects worldwide; and

(II)               authorise the companies that form part of the Roca Group to publish any images that may be taken of them during the course of the competition on any medium, whether in photographic or video format. This authorization is deemed to be granted for the entire world and for the maximum period of time authorized by law.

Any issues or disputes that may arise in relation to the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be settled by the jury in accordance with the provisions included therein. Any aspect that is not expressly covered in these terms and conditions shall be settled in line with the principles of fairness. The jury’s decision will be final.

By enrolling in this competition, you agree that your personal details will be included in a file owned by Roca Sanitario, S.A: with registered office in Avenida Diagonal 513, 08029, Barcelona, Spain, which is responsible for processing this file, the purpose of which is to manage participation in the competition and to send information to the participants. Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing to Roca Sanitario, S.A. Exercising the rights of cancellation and opposition shall result in the participant’s registration in the competition being withdrawn, as the details are required for managing participation in the event.

By enrolling in this competition, participants accept these terms and conditions.

For more information, please contact us: