Orlin Davchev


Associated Professor Arch. Orlin Davchev, PhD is Vice Dean for Academic Activities in Faculty of Architecture, University of Architecture, CivilEngineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia. Arch. Davchev is founder of Architectural Studio MIODESIGN. Leading notion in his professional work is the realization of an emotional, sustainable and innovative architecture, bearing the messages of his time, author's character and respect for the surrounding environment. A wide range of residential, public and industrial projects in the field of architecture, interior and design have been realized in his practice. He has received numerous awards and nominations from national and international competitions. He also participated in significant international conferences, expert committees and juries. Arch. Orlin Davchev is author as sole or in co-authorship of multiple scientific publications, research papers, monographs and books. His main interests of research are focused in the fields of Emergent digital technologies in architecture, Parametric design, Rapid prototyping, Interactive architecture and Morphological optimization.

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