Mikaelle Rocha

Mikaelle is 21 years old and she lives in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Graphic and product study at São Judas Tadeu University, Mooca. Her passion has always been art; she was born into a family of musicians and started drawing when she was 2 years old. She loves to illustrate, study and practice drawing every day. Drawing, for her, is a way to express herself, to give her imagination and to have the power to make it all real. She began to study on the project in order to put into practice her trip by illustration, but at that time, when looking into ways to explore, to make an effort in the area of product she realized that product is a materialization of the thought and design of the designer, and to design to solve existing problems is not an ideal task for a challenge, but rather, it is ideal to be put into practice whenever possible!

Her passion for illustration continues, and now, she can acquire her knowledge of the product and continue to design for a better world!

Awarded projects