Vítor Furtado

After graduating from Centro Universitário SENAC last year, he thinks his new proposal to keep waking up every day is to try new things and to be aware of the world. He started working rather soon. With 17 years he worked with Human Resources while was studying at night to follow something that could make his eyes shine. After that, he took some experience in the Game Industry, in Advertising Agencies, and nowadays he works in the Packaging Design Industry.

Design, for him, is to find solutions. It doesn't matter the luggage that you have in your hands… the solution is there, somewhere, to be found by anyone who shares the "desire for creation”. As one of the greatest artists of all time said, "Inspiration exists, but it needs to find you working”. By finding solutions in any situation - or at least trying to - we will change the way of thinking, and change the perception of our responsibilities in the world.

Awarded projects