Diego Fuertes Pedrosa


Diego Fuertes工作室合伙人/创意总监/产品和空间设计师

Diego Fuertes Studio Partner / Creative director / Product & space designer


Spanish designer Diego Fuertes Pedrosa was born in 1987 and pursued his education in Madrid and Valencia. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, followed by a Master’s degree in Product Design from CEU. During this period, he took part in product innovation and sustainability cases, led by renowned Spanish designers Hector Serrano and Borja Garcia. Subsequently, he completed additional studies in Industrial Engineering. Through smart objects and immersive installations, he brings brands to life by emphasizing the emotional and intuitive interactions between people and their environments. He also focuses on how objects and spaces influence happiness and can improve one’s quality of life - not only in terms of rational functionality, but also as they relate to emotions.

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