Sissi Ren


File #125572

Partner of CBi China Bridge

Co-founder of Successful Design

The first Master Trainer of Service Design Network in China & Member of Accreditation Committee







Sissi is good at service design and human research. She has worked for clients from various industries including BMW, GM, Media, Vivo, HSBC, etc., helping the clients explore new market opportunities based on human research. With more than 10 years work experience on UX, human research and design strategy, Sissi is now participating in the development of the field of service design and design thinking at the forefront of the practice. She has been invited by Comac, Lenovo, Fosun, Forbes China, Shanghai JiaoTong University, East China University of Science and Technology, etc. as their mentor of workshops, and also has been invited as a speaker and a juror for design events, talking about design thinking and service design. 
She believes in the value of design, so she co-founded Successful Design Awards with her partner in 2006, as the first global design awards competition launched in China. The aim of this program is to amplify the value of design, by identifying and recognizing successful designs for the future, by connecting the Chinese design community with those in other countries, and by integrating design with different industries. She was also one of the co-organizers of Global Service Jam and Global Sustainability Jam in China in 2008, solving problems by service design methodology, together with 100+ cities all over the world.

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