Nil Peguero succeeds with his “ALBA” lamp after winning the 8th edition of the Roca One Day Design Challenge in Barcelona

04 / 02 / 2022

The design, which is one step ahead of the current market for children’s lighting and is appealing for young and old alike, was awarded the ADI Bronze Medal 2020, presented by the Industrial Design Association (ADI-FAD), based in Barcelona.

One year after winning the third prize at the 8th edition of the Roca One Day Design Challenge in Barcelona with Marta Gómez, Nil Peguero is recognized again for one of his designs.

The “ALBA” lamp, an interactive portable lighting system for children, received the ADI Bronze Medal 2020. Highly renowned in Spain, the ADI Medals recognize the best graduate, postgraduate, and master’s degree projects of young designers from Spanish academic centres. These prizes were awarded to 35 projects in this last edition.

“ALBA” stands out for solving a common problem among the little ones, being afraid of darkness, while offering an elegant and appealing design for adults.   

The fact that children can play and control the light through six sensors and a switch helps to reduce the feeling of fear and encourages interest in lighting and electronics, one of the main objectives when conceiving this design.

In addition, the six lighting modes of “ALBA” are presented without previous instructions, proposing a “Sandbox” or “controlled environment” of research for the little ones, encouraging their imagination.

Finally, its design promotes the collaboration between children and adults, generating a space of family trust around the lamp. 

We at Roca would like to congratulate Nil for this project and recognition. Here’s to many more!