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Portugal 2020


Designing innovative concepts for bathroom-related products.


The specific brief for the object to be designed will be announced on Saturday 7th March 2020


Sustainability, personal wellbeing, accessibility and the lack of affordable housing form part of the everyday lives of the general public and, of course, this applies equally to their homes and bathrooms. However, the products available in this area do not always respond to these concerns.

Our aim is to involve the community of young designers in the research for original and innovative yet simple solutions, which improve user’s interaction with the bathroom products.

Another goal is to offer a platform to promote, facilitate and concentrate creativity in a display of fast and intensive work focused on bathrooms, an area that is traditionally not the subject of a great deal of innovation.


Participants can register at www.onedaydesignchallenge.netuntil 11:59 p.m. (UTC+00) on 4th March 2020. They can also register in person at LxFactory, on the day of the event itself, 7th March 2020 from 9:00 a.m. and until 11:00 a.m.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organization reserves the right not to accept new registrations in the event that, in the organization’s opinion, the number of participants registered hinders the smooth running of the competition

When registering, participants should include the following information and documentation:

  • Name and surname/s.
  • School or company.
  • Address (street number, town/city and postal code).
  • Contact telephone number and e-mail.
  • Copy of the valid ID or passport, as an image file attached. The file name should use the format: SURNAME_NAME

 To register, participants registering through the official Roca page above www.onedaydesignchallenge.net should send a scan of the ID or passport before 11:59 p.m. (UTC+00) on 4th March 2020. Registration is not possible without all required documents.

Participants registering in person should bring their ID document with them in order to enrol. Registration will not be admitted without a valid ID document.

Any registration submitted without any of the above information shall be null and void.

Only one registration per person can be accepted and, once the registration number has been confirmed, it can no longer be changed. Duplicated registrations by the same person will also be considered null and void.

This competition is aimed at students and young professionals living within the territory of Portugal and who were born on or after the 8th March 1990 until the 7th March 2002.

Participants can take part individually or in groups of up to 2 members, on the condition that all of the members meet the aforementioned requirements.

The following persons are excluded from participating:

  • The winners of 1st, 2nd or 3rd and We Are Water Foundation prize of the previous editions of the competition.
  • Employees of companies that form part of the Roca Group and their relatives up to 4th degree consanguinity


At 9:30 a.m. on7th March, the design topic will be announced in live at the venue of the eventand on-line at the website (http://www.onedaydesignchallenge.net) a written copy will be given to all of the attendees.

The design period for the competition will run from 9:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and participants can work on site or wherever they wish.

All participants will be able to submit their projects from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the stand designated for such purpose at LxFactory.

At 6:00 p.m., the jury will deliberate in order to choosethe winning projects of the 4th Roca One Day Design ChallengePortugal Edition.  The jury will also elect a first, second and third substitute winners just in case any of the awarded projects do not meet the conditions set out in these rules.

At 8:30 p.m., the award ceremony is going to take place and the jury will announce the list of the winners of thefirst, secondand third prize.

The members of the jury will base their evaluations on the creativity and originality of the designs, as well as their viability, while also giving credit for the clarity, legibility and graphic design of the presentations.

The firstprize-winner will receive a prize of 2,000 EUR.

The secondprize-winner will receive a prize of 1,500 EUR.

The thirdprize-winner will receive a prize of 1,000 EUR.

The Jury reserves its right to leave all and any ofthesaidprizesunawardedif in theiropinionnone of theprojectsis ofenoughquality and/or originality.

In addition, the jury may discretionally award a special prize of 500 EUR provided by the We Are Water Foundation to the project which significantly adheres to thevalue of sustainability. The jury may leave the said prize unawarded if in their opinion none of the projects significantly adheres to the value of sustainability and/or has notenoughquality.

Awards specified above shall be transferred to bank accounts indicated by the award winners.

The award amount shall be taxed under the general rules of Portugal

In order to be eligible to receive the economic award corresponding to each position (first, second, third and WAWF prizes), the awarded person (and in case of groups, at least one of the members of the awarded group) shall be present in the Award Ceremony (8:30 p.m. at LxFactory) to collect the award.


If the awarded person (or at least one member of the awarded group) is not present during the Award Ceremony he/she (the group) will lose its right to the economic award but will maintain its condition of awarded person/group on the Roca One Day Design Challenge Portugal 2020 4th Edition.

 If in any moment before the payment of the prizes the Organization detects that any of the awarded projects do not meet the conditions set out in these rules because it is not an original project or for any other reasons, the project affected by such circumstance will be disqualified and the following winners and substitute winners will upgrade one place in the winners’ classification. If any prize could not be awarded because there are no enough substitute winners, such prize will be declared as unawarded.

All the winners will also be invited to:

  • take part in a masterclass or workshop that will take place in the Portuguese territory during the first/second/third trimester of year 2020. Both the transport (go and return) and the lunch of this masterclass or workshop will be contracted and paid by Roca S.A. provided that the transport departure and destination places are both within the Portuguese territory; and


The winners of the first prize will be invited to:

  • participate in the 2020 Worldwide Winners edition of the One Day Design Challenge that will take place during the first trimester of 2021 in Barcelona, which basis will be later published on-line and announced to the winners of this contest Edition. All transport, accommodation and meal allowances for the participants on the 2020 Worldwide winners edition of the contest to take place in 2021 will be paid by the Roca Group.


To design the projects, participants can use any manual or digital 2D, 3D tool, scale model, photograph, collage, etc. However, the concepts must be described and illustrated on two A3 sheets or less.

The projects must be submitted in LxFactory at the desk indicated for the purpose, presented on an USBwith the participant’s registration number written in marker on the outside. There should be no other files on the pen drive except the final competition files.

The submission period for projects is from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on7th March. This deadline and delivery method apply both in the case of participants working on site and those who have worked elsewhere.

In order to submit a project, it is essential that participants have enrolled previously within the established period. Only one project may be submitted by each participant or group registered.

To guarantee the confidentiality of the participants, the real name of the individual or group participating should not appear on the A3 sheets submitted. The projects will be identified by the title and registration number.

Each participant or group should submit 2 digitalfiles, which must comply with the following specifications without exception:

  • A horizontal PDF file with up to two A3 sheets which must contain:
    • Title of the project
    • Image of the design.
    • Description in less than 150 words (minimum font size 24 pt).
    • No more than 1,500 Kb. 

                               Example of .pdf file:

  • A horizontal JPEG file with:

    •   Title of the project
    •   The most representative image of the project.
    •   No more than 1,500 Kb.

                                Example of .jpg file:


  • The PDF and JPEG files should not take up more than 1,500 Kb each.
  • The name of both files should be the registration number only without any additional characters. 
  • Although not mandatory, the registration number may also be included in the images of the project.

The projects must be preferably presented in English but Portuguese shall also be admitted. 

Any entry that does not meet the above-mentioned requirements will not be evaluated by the jury.

Other aspects

The spirit of this event strives to foster the participants’ creativity during the time over which the competition runs. As such, the projects submitted must be original and must not have been used previously for any other purpose.

The projects submitted must consist on a realistic object having a good design, which considers functional criteria and is consistent with the Topic of the competition announced by the Organization and feasible according to technologies existing at the date of the competition.

The Intellectual Property of the projects submitted belongs to their authors. However, the companyRoca S.A. shall have preferential rights for a period of 6 months to reach an agreement with any participant of the competition with respect to the rights to use the projects submitted.

By enrolling in this competition all participants (including the winner/s and finalists):

(I)  assign to the companies that form part of the Roca Group, the reproduction, distribution and communication to the public rights over their projects submitted to the contest, for all countries in the world and for the maximum period permitted by law in each one of such countries for the purpose of promotion of their projects in publications of general interest and/or specialized magazines, as well as on the websites, editions and publications of Roca, and also on the contest website. Roca Group will be entitled to assign to third parties, without the previous written consent of the authors, the right of reproduction and publication of the projects submitted by the authors to the contest for the territorial and temporal scope they deem necessary, for the sole and only purpose of promoting the authors projects worldwide; and
(II) authorise the companies that form part of the Roca Group to publish any images that may be taken of them during the course of the competition on any medium, whether in photographic or video format. This authorization is deemed to be granted for the entire world and for the maximum period of time authorized by law, but not shorter than twelve months.

Any issues or disputes that may arise in relation to the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be settled by the jury in accordance with the provisions included therein. Any aspect that is not expressly covered in the terms and conditions shall be settled in line with the principles of fairness. The jury’s decision will be final.

By enrolling in this competition, you agree that your personal details will be included in a file owned by Apartado 575, Ponte da Madalena 2416-905 Leiria – Portugal which is responsible for processing this file, the purpose of which is to manage participation in thecompetition and to send information to the participants. Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing to Roca, S.A. Exercising the rights of cancellation and opposition shall result in the participant’s registration in thecompetition being withdrawn, as the details are required for managing participation in the event.

By enrolling in thiscompetition, participants accept these terms and conditions.

For more information, please contact us: