Date: October 15 · 2022

October 15 · 2022


On 15th October, Roca One Day Design Challenge held its 4th edition in Poland, this year with a special online format due to the current health situation. Over 400 participants were challenged to come up with innovative ideas for the bathroom space following a brief given at the start of the day.  

They were asked to design elements for installing in the public bathroom of a secondary school, taking into account the needs and behavior of users between 14 and 18.

After reviewing all entries, the jury decided to select Safespace as the winner of the contest. First winner convinced jury members by simplicity of the project. Taking under consideration needs of young people in age of 14 to 18 we are aware that this is very important and things easy to adapt. That what counts is thruth of time and place where it is used. Simplicity is a way to success in that case. Besides we see in the project kind of joke, because if you can operate by legs, so free hands can be use to watch social media on mobile phones. The project was an idea of DzianisPilipuk (Industrial designer and 3D graphics).

The second prize was awarded to My Wave by Mateusz Przystarz, hold a Bachlor of Engineering degree in Architecture from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Here we were inspired by concept of integrated washbasins. Speaking of teenagers we need to remember that all devices which let use social media are important for them so we respect this. On the other hand we look for new forms of social acceptation and space for media in bathrooms. We know that young people don’t choose interiors  but choose places where they can communicate here and now.

The project Roca Lolipop, created by Bogumiła Borek,student of architecture on Technical University in Cracow, was awarded with the third prize. The key point of that project is social manifesto of the young and that is why it is interesting project, drawing Jury members’ attention.



Awarded projects


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Dr hab., EngD, arch., associate profesor  of Technical Uniwersity in Warsaw

He was born in 1973 in Toruń. In 1998 he greaduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

In 2005 he obtained a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, and a postdoctoral degree in 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Arts in Poznań.

Since 2015, he has been a university professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, with which he has been associated since 1999.

Initially, he worked as an assistant, and then as an assistant professor at the Design and Theory of Architecture Department (under the supervision of professor Ewa Kuryłowicz).

He has been the head of this department since last year.

He also conducted classes in industrial design and architecture at the School of Form in Poznań, at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and at the University of Sopot.

For years, his research and didactic classes have focused on the interdisciplinarity of architecture - in particular on the interpenetration of architecture with industrial design, which is the subject of this publication.

An important position in its scientific development is also played by the issues of avant-garde and architectural utopia, embedded in a wider cultural and social context.

His professional practice has been based on the issues of lighting design for almost two decades. Since 2004, he and his wife Anna Siedlecka have been co-creating the Puff-Buff lighting brand, under which several dozen industrial designs have been implemented. Many of them were awarded for innovation with Polish distinctions, incl. Prodeco, Dobry Design and the Sołtan, as well as international awards, including Design Management Europe twice, awarded by the European Commission, and the American Good Design Award.

Industrial designs, of which he is a co-author, have been presented at several dozen international exhibitions. They are also in permanent museum collections, incl. at the National Museum in Warsaw.



Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys

Architect, partner and member of the board in company APA Wojciechowski Architects. President of Association of Polish Architects (SARP). Member of The Program Board of UNGC Poland. Member of Jury Council of Contest in SARP. Graduated Architecture and Urban Planning on Technical University in Warsaw, Poland, graduated also postgraduate course: Management of Projects in Warsaw School of Economics and Management of Estate, faculty: Economics, on Warsaw University of life Sciences,  (SGGW).

Since 2010 she  has been eligible in BREEM or LEED certification of buildings. She is also auditor of Certification systems of Green House and member of verification council in certification process of Green Building Standard. Took part in many rewarded projects of office and commerce buildings designed according sustainability requirements. Co-founder of country-wide association supporting sustainable buildings (OSWBZ). Triple  winner of contest: Top Woman in Real Estate 2018. Since 2019 mentor and support in program Top Woman, where shares her experience and knowledge with young women starting their professional lifes in property business.

She is author of many publications on green buildings and sustainability in Cities. Moderator and participant of many discussion panels during conferences  and lectures on sustainability in construction business. Idea of green buildings has accompanied her for over 18 years in professional life as architect ad in private life. She has taken care of natural resources and no waste idea. This  is priority for her.




Charismatic designer and tv host for: "Tomasz Pągowski: Remont u Ciebie", "Remont w 48h", "Tomasz Pągowski: Projekt Lokalny" - CANAL+DOMO, also known as the juror "Bitwa o dom" - TVN.

Co-founder of the Pągowski Studio. Author of independent furniture designs, utility products and interior arrangements created in cooperation with many brands.

Joanna Dec-Galluk


Joanna Dec-Galuk

Graduated from the University of Silesia, the Institute of the English Language and Translation Studies and Katowice School of Economics.  Since then, she has developed her professional carrier in the fields of Product, Marketing, and Communication. She has worked for a few multinational companies in interior design and construction sector. She joint Roca team as Product Manager in 2011; the same year she took over the Product and Marketing department.

Jan Kochański


Jan Kochański

Growing up in a household of designer and architect, Jan Kochański’s early bond with design and making has profoundly shaped his development as an industrial designer. Building things was a natural way of spending time and playing whether it was creating new toys or building a boat during vacation. Following his family tradition, he went on to study interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

At Karim Rashid’s office in Amsterdam, he gained experience in working with industry and top brands. After a time of working in design studios in Poland and Netherlands Jan started his own design practice in 2013. Since 2009, he is an assistant in the Furniture Design Laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 2017 he cooperates with the School of Form in Poznań, where he runs courses dedicated to object and space design, along with CAD software courses. Recently finished his Ph.D. project related to ergonomics and theory of design at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Jan Kochański established his studio in Warsaw. The space provides the ideal platform for his unique process of hands-on experimentation and technical know-how. The studio is a well-equipped workshop that allows for building prototypes, 3d print details, and experimenting with various machining technics.


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