Date: October 8 · 2021

October 8 · 2021


Roca One Day Design Challenge has returned to Poland in 2021!

Due to the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic, this year the contest has taken place in an online format. 

In this way Roca has continued to fulfill the goal of promoting creativity and young talents, giving visibility to young architects and designers in the early stages of their careers. 

As in previous years, participants were challenged to create innovative solutions for the bathroom space in just one day. On this occasion, participants were challenged to redesign a bathroom product with an optimized shape to be easily packaged, stacked and transported in the smallest possible volume.

The first prize winners were Natalia Hołoś and Anna Czapla with their project "Bathroom starter kit". The jury members highlighted the innovative idea of a set including necessary bathroom products, a harmonious and integrated solution as one element, which allows the optimization of space during transport. For them, the project was a perfect proposal for E-commerce. Moreover, the beauty of the project and range of colors is an additional important benefit.   

The second award was for Celina Glazik and Piotr Krzyżań with their project "Re:Design Duplo One". The jury members explained that at first sight the product did not seem attractive, it actually went unnoticed.  It lacks an eye-catching and stylish form, because it focuses on an element which is not seen by users. It is a water tank that is a part of the in-wall system for the WC. In this case, the traditional tank was replaced by a flexible bag, which is flat when transported and therefore does not require much space. A bright and innovative idea. 

Finally, the third prize winner was Karolina Świstak with her design "Box bath". This idea for the biggest bathroom element (bathtub) to make transport more effective was highly acclaimed by the jury. The key element of the project is that it doesn’t leave behind aesthetical values. This project can inspire the creation of really poetic spaces.

Awarded projects


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Dorota Koziara

Designer, artist, interior designer, art director, curator. She studied in Poland and Italy. She collaborated with Alessandro Mendini and Atelier Mendini in Milan for 10 years. Since 2005 her studio has been located in Milan. She has designed for leading brands, such as Alessi or Swatch, and is the author of the interior design ofByblos Art Hotel Villa Amista. She has been collaborating with many prominent companies including Venini, Fiorucci, Hermes, Luxo, Abet Laminati, Swarovski, Bisazza, Fiat, Redd’s, Cosimo Martinelli, Comforty, Du Pont, Noti, Slamp, Ardcodife Louvre, Cosi Tabellini, Tubadzin, Krono, Almi Décor, Comforty, Tatuum, Christian Dior.

Dorota Koziara approaches the topic of design very comprehensively. Being a designer, she also deals with design promotion, company development strategies through design, and design criticism.

She has been a curator and organizer of exhibitions promoting design on an international scene for many years, the most important being Real Industry Future Classics Comforty in the Temporary Museum For New Design Superstudio Pio, Mediolan Salone del Mobile 2011, Polish Design - Design from Wielkopolska at Salone del Mobile 2012, Polish Design at Salone del Mobile 2013,

“Polish Design – Tomorrow is Today” – Salone del Mobile 2017, MilanoDowntown Design Dubai 2013, Mendini at National Museum and Kulczyk Foundation in Poznań 2004, and Mendini, at Wroclaw – the European Capital of Culture’ in Neon Gallery and Museum of Architecture in 2014.

Dorota Koziara's work has been presented at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Milan, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and Zurich.

She is a prizewinner of the international Third Millennium sculpture competition in Tuscany, Italy for her installation entitled “12 Angeli”.

In 1998 she created a part of the dramaturgy and scenography for 70 Angels on the Façade performance directed by Robert Wilson for Piccolo Teatro in Milan (world’s first theatrical performance on the subject of history of architecture and design for the 70th anniversary of Domus – the world’s oldest design magazine).



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Marta Sękulska-Wrońska

President of (SARP) - Warsaw division of Association of Polish Architects, member of contest jury of SARP, member of Warsaw Chamber of Architects.

 She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University. She has been a partner in the architectural office WXCA since 2010. Ready for challenges in the field of creating museums, theatres, hotels, offices and housing, she likes designing buildings in exceptional places with an influence on architecture.

The WXCA team has received many national and international awards: I-st prize for the concept of the Polish Pavilion at the Dubai Expo’20, European Center of Geology Education in Checiny, Apartment building XYZ in Szczyrk or Office center in Wroclaw.

The architectural office WXCA received a nomination to the Mies Van Der Rohe award for the project of the European Center of Geology Education in Checiny.



Michał Stefanowski

Michał Stefanowski has an active design practice. As a professional, he is a member of the INNO+NPD design team. He has created designs for products, street furniture, packaging, wayfinding systems and visual communication. He is the co-author of the City Information System for Warsaw, the Information System for the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the visual identity of the National Bank of Poland, among others. He is the international relations representative of SPFP / the Association of Industrial Designers in Poland (2001-2010 President; 2010-2019 Vice-President) and has acted as Board Member of the BEDA / Bureau of European Design Associations (2010-2016). He is a professor and Head of the Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

His other areas of activities are: writing articles, curating design exhibitions and judging design competitions, such as Good Design (Poland), National Design Award (Slovakia), BIO (Slovenia), Design Management Europe Award (Estonia), IF Award (Germany), among others.



Agnieszka Wasilewska

President of Institute of Industrial Design Graduated  Faculty of Archaeology on Warsaw University. Earlier she was President of Foundation of Industrial development Agency. For years she worked for many Publishing houses and in media sector for example in Polish Press Agency. She used to be Public Relation and advertisement expert, producer of photo shootings. She is design, good photography and art lover and also interested in archeology, politics and aviation, she has aircraft pilot's license.

Joanna Dec-Galluk


Joanna Dec-Galuk

Graduated from the University of Silesia, the Institute of the English Language and Translation Studies and Katowice School of Economics.  Since then, she has developed her professional carrier in the fields of Product, Marketing, and Communication. She has worked for a few multinational companies in interior design and construction sector. She joint Roca team as Product Manager in 2011; the same year she took over the Product and Marketing department.


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