Teleworking: tips to not affect your creativity

14 / 04 / 2020

Getting to work or class with a jump from bed has been a recurring dream for many.

Now, with the Covid-19 marking the daily routine of many countries, this has become a reality that has caught many people off guard. So, that is why we want to give you some advices. For having your creativity and motivation at the 100%!

Create a comfortable space adapted to your needs. The circumstances are different in each case, but, as far as possible, use the space of working just for that. It is not recommended to use the coach or bed to work, nor to do it where other people are doing leisure activities such as watching television.

Establish a routine. Plan your daily tasks in advance and leave the most difficult tasks for the most productive hours and vice versa.

Set a work or study schedule. This should be the same as what you would have if you were at the office. In other words, try to start and finish at the same hours and distinguish between moments of leisure and work. In this way, you will be focused on both things at the moment you are doing each one.

Take breaks regularly. If it is important to take breaks at the office, when we are teleworking more. Remember to get up, move your legs and stretch your muscles. You will notice it!

Promote teamwork and communication. This aspect is important and, perhaps, one of the easiest to fulfil. Fortunately, technology makes it easy for us and there are many tools to keep in touch with classmates and colleagues. After all, being away does not mean being disconnected!

Seek inspiration in an alternative way. For those professions or university degrees in which the visual and/or creative component is very high, being locked in the same space and with fewer impacts is more damaging. So, if you ever feel uninspired, remember that there are online creative and professional communities sharing information and advices. You can also use tools like Pinterest or Dribbble. This last one is similar to Instagram, but with a more professional approach. Illustrators, artists, typographers, graphic designers, web designers and other creative professionals share their current work, process and projects.

Avoid distractions. There are moments for everything, but avoid distracting yourself when you are working. Define moments to check WhatsApp, read the news, talk to your family or roommates, etc., but do not do it during the workday.

Beware of technology. Teleworking or remote study are closely related to having adequate technology at home and cybersecurity. That is why it is important to maintain some security on the web, not to enter suspicious pages, etc.

Make clear to those around us that we are working or studying. Obviously, we will be closer to our partner, family or friends. We must try to maintain a certain distance during working hours, otherwise we will end up being interrupted on multiple occasions.
#Stayathome. The most important thing of this stage is to accept that it will be temporary and that the fundamental thing now is to stay to home and bet on social distance. Therefore, take the opportunity to create, design, study, etc. in a different way. Later you won’t be able to do it and maybe you will miss it!