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Theoretical considerations within the scope of design: new collaborations of the winners on

13 / 05 / 2019

Three new winners of the One Day Design Challenge have written articles on, the digital platform with exclusive content about architecture and design, playing a prominent role at the side of internationally renowned columnists and writers, such as Pedro Gadanho, Ben van Berkel and Carlo Ratti. 

One of them is Emre Kayganaci, an industrial design student at Central Saint Martins School and winner of the first prize in the London 2018 edition along with Alexandra Evans and Lorene Audras. His text, published in December’s topic Want More, Use Less, calls for renewable energy sources that can be found in unsuspected areas such as coffee, algae and waves. An interesting and revealing approach to natural resources within our grasp in order to change our consumption habits.

Another designer who has published on is Jorge Ramiro, industrial designer and product development engineer who, along with Cristina López, won the third prize and the We Are Water Foundation award in last year’s edition in Barcelona. His article reflects on the new nomads, a new generation of copywriters that work from anywhere around the world providing they have Internet connection. The text is integrated into the analysis of contemporary mobility, an issue addressed by the platform in February.

And finally, Sérgio Ereira Marques Junior, winner of the first prize at the 2018 Portuguese edition, participated in the topic the future of retail. His article, Shopping the future, provides an overview of different examples of innovations driven by design that will have an impact on our consumer and retail experiences in the years to come.

A critical analysis of the world that surrounds us, seen from various fields, is essential for disciplines related to design, as this field cannot be understood only from practice. The fact that these young designers and students have the opportunity of developing its theoretical side is something that should be promoted, and that is the spirit behind these collaborations between One Day Design Challenge and