Articles written by our winners

26 / 04 / 2020

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is lasting longer than what we thought. However, we are lucky that during this time we remain connected, despite our confinement.

Over these weeks, even months, that we have been at home, we have seen that culture is one of the main attractions to help pass the time. Movies, concerts, IG live shows, keep us entertained and help us to deal with these difficult moments.

Reading is a key activity to keep our minds awake, whether from books or online content, and several winners of the One Day Design Challenge have been contributing articles available through, the digital platform with exclusive content about architecture and design. 

Dead Places, by Amir Shakirov

Amir, architect and winner of 2018 Russian edition, wrote an interesting article about  bioclimatic architecture and design. Under the topic of the month “The afterlife of architecture” he reflects on how people live and build in extreme conditions around the world today. His article analyses how construction is approached in deserts, as an example.

The Ocean and Me by Alexandra Evans.

Alex was the winner of ODDC UK 2018, while she was studying Product Design at Central Saint Martins in London. She is always looking for real world solutions to problems in today’s society, and we can see this in her article, a text that explores what the ocean means to her and how small actions can make a huge change. Alex’s writing offers an interesting approach to our consumption habits and the impact that they have in the nature.

Coffee, Algae and Waves, by Emre Kayganaci.

Emre was an industrial design student at Central Saint Martins School and winner of the first prize in the London 2018 edition along with Alexandra Evans and Lorene Audras. His article, published in December’s topic Want More, Use Less, calls for renewable energy sources that can be found in unsuspected areas. An interesting and revealing approach to natural resources within our grasp in order to change our consumption habits.

The New Nomads by Jorge Ramiro

Jorge is an industrial designer and product development engineer who, along with Cristina López, won the third prize and the We Are Water Foundation award in Barcelona 2018. His article reflects on the new generation of copywriters that work from anywhere around the world.

Shopping the future by Sérgio Ereira Marques Junior

Sergio was the winner of the first prize at the 2018 Portuguese edition, and he wrote for the topic the future of retail. His article shares different examples of innovations driven by design that will have an impact on our consumer and retail experiences.