Echoe, design by Barbara Gomez

Bárbara Gomes, a versatile product designer

08 / 05 / 2020

Bárbara Gomes, graduate in Design from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, and winner of the first-place prize in Portugal 2020, is a versatile product designer and has recently started developing her own projects.

One of these projects is ECHOE, a product designed to amplify the sound of mobile devices.

Through a rectangular wooden base, which also functions as a decorative element, the user can charge their phone while simultaneously enjoying amplified music. 

The visual balance of the object is achieved through the combination of Mutene wood and ceramic and its small dimensions help to deliver a discreet and decorative product.


What also makes this project interesting is that the amplification is non-electrical, a new approach in sound control.

Another project is LAOS,  a functional and ergonomic chair made of iron rods and Mutene wood, designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bárbara believes that design combined with a sustainable cause, creates incredible things for a common good - because we only have one home and this is what we really have to preserve: our planet. 

With this in mind, she has designed the project TREE GENERATIONS,  an intergenerational park that includesa water refill system area and several recycling points for different materials (plastic, paper, glass and organic waste), with the aim of transforming cities into more sustainable places to live.

The project includes a green space thatintegrates a concrete platform with the water refill area and two vending machines for water bottles, with an app linked to your ATM card.


The water bottles, offered in 0.5L and 1.5L sizes, are manufactured of PET plastic with a cork cover, to make them reusable and sustainable.

Would you enjoy visiting a park designed this way?