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Three winning projects of the Roca One Day Design Challenge, part of an exhibition

03 / 23 / 2022

“Adarafit”, “Flech” and “Seediment”, the winning projects of the 7th Edition of the Roca One Day Design Challenge in Spain, will be exhibited at the “Dulce Agua” exhibition, which will be hosted at the CentroCentro space in Madrid.

"Adarafit", "Flech" and "Seediment", projects that respond to the challenge of designing bathrooms for refugee camps, which are easy to transport and install, have been chosen for the "Dulce Agua" exhibition as an example of how designers can help solve the issue of access to drinking water in different situations around the world today.

"Adarafit", designed by Bernat Gene, Oriol Milian and Pau Benazet, is a personal hygiene unit aimed at children in refugee camps, which educates in basic health habits through its design. It is also designed to be easily transportable, so it can be installed in a private place, respecting the privacy of its users.

The “Flech” portable shower, meanwhile, offers a solution to the issue of hygiene with a personal care family unit that provides intimacy, security and privacy. Its creators, Fernando Liébana and Nicolás Mosulen, have also contemplated a design in which the water used with "Flech" can be transported to filter units, in order to keep the soil dry and avoid infections in the community.

Lastly, the "Seediment" project presents a dry bath through fermentation, made of PLA, a biodegradable polymer. Cristina López and Jorge Ramiro, designers of the project, have created a design specifically for the Dabaad refugee camp (Kenya), where it could be manufactured using local resources, promoting local livestock at the end of its useful life, in the form of fertilizer, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

An exhibition with a message

“Dulce Agua", curated by the journalist, writer and curator specializing in Design, Ana Domínguez Siemens, showcases not only objects related to the world of water and solutions to problems related to it, but also projects aimed at drawing attention to these issues and raising awareness among the general public, to encourage the proper use that individuals should make of this natural asset.

Roca's "W+W" design will also be present at the exhibition. This innovative system filters water from the washbasin for reuse in the toilet, promoting water savings and optimizing space.



The exhibition will be held from 24 March to 21 August at CentroCentro, an intercultural meeting space in Madrid. Through design and illustration, architecture and urbanism, poetry and literature, fashion and the arts, CentroCentro aims to nurture and develop initiatives, reflections that address elements of change in customs, urban uses, flows and social relations, in a multidisciplinary and transversal way.

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