Be Colour for One Day. Discovering colour and trends design

06 / 27 / 2018

Winners of the Roca One Day Design Challenge from Portugal and Poland had the opportunity of participating in a very useful and fun workshop, Be Colour for One Day, led by Marta Aymerich, founder of Way and brand communication specialist with an important accent on colour and its emotional uses.

The goal of the workshop was to discover how to use colour in the world of trends with the aim of designing, and how to create a harmonious colour palette, in accordance with the latest trends. The participants learned how to use a NDS system, a colour palette that allows us to combine, communicate and specify colour in a precise and consistent manner.

Through these developed concepts, this workshop took participants into the world of colour as a tool for innovation and sales strategy and analysed its importance as an emotional language. The result can be applied both to products and spaces.

The workshop was divided into two stages: first, a study of the current trends and how to apply them in their professional lives is carried out. Later on, the participants worked on a mood board with clippings from current style and design magazines, creating a colour palette for that day, putting into practice everything they have previously learned.

A very dynamic and fun experience that questions our use of colour and teaches us how to make the most of it. The idea that should remain after the workshop is to lose any fear we might have of colour, daring to use it and combine it in all possible ways and to be brave when using it. A learning process that enabled the winners of the Roca One Day Design Challenge to strengthen their abilities and competences in the world of design.