Beaks, a magazine rack inspired by nature

01 / 09 / 2019

The 23-year old designer Bogna Bochenkiewicz is the creator of Beaks, an innovative magazine rack chosen by the Warsaw Academy of Arts, where Bogna studied, to represent this institution in the most important events and trade fairs in Poland.

In order to conceive this object Bogna found her inspiration in the beaks of birds and the image of these animals feeding their baby birds was the starting point of the design. The newspaper holders, made from sheets of carbon metal, have a specific form and a regular shape. They suggest the image of the beaks and at the same time they are a practical and minimalistic element of the interior. The material underlines both the lightness and the strength of the holders. Whenever wanted, the smaller beak can be inserted into the bigger one. The sharp edges have been secured by metal overlays, which are also the binder of the two pieces.

The process, fully handcrafted, consisted first of cutting the sheets and then welding them to obtain the shape of a beak sought by the designer. Polishing the metal surface and erasing the traces of the welding was also a laborious process but essential for the final look.


The result is an elegant and functional magazine rack that can be used for those books, magazines or newspapers and catalogues that you need to have close at hand. This university project is not being produced on an industrial scale for the moment but we do not rule out that in the future some company might be interested in doing so.


Bogna Bochenkiewicz was born in 1995. After finishing her design studies, she focused on working as a freelancer in the field of interior and furniture design and in architecture. She loves to research new materials and innovative solutions to later apply them in projects for her clients. Above all, she finds inspiration in nature, plants and animals.  

This creativity, found in all her designs, led her to win the second prize in the first edition of the Roca One Day Design Challenge in Poland. An award she won along with Aleksander Łukaszewicz and Kaja Borowska for their project MO-VI, an adjustable faucet in response to a briefing that consisted of designing the best washbasin and faucet set so that when conceived together the result should be a perfect match.