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COVID-19 and new trends for Design

09 / 01 / 2020

Nine months after the appearance of COVID-19, it cannot be denied that the world has changed, and that the health crisis has led to an economic and social change. However, the dire global scenario has also had positive things. One of them is, without a doubt, the enhancement of creativity and innovation.

Accessible products, quick to produce and that favour the hygiene of citizens. These have been, and still are, the needs of society in terms of product design after the appearance of COVID-19. Product designers have faced a challenge that has served to demonstrate the importance of dedicating time and resources to create, to think of new solutions and to anticipate the needs of users. 

Time Changing Hand Sanitiser by Pino Wang and Frank Chou

Citizens are now more aware of what they consume and how they do it. Thus, a trend that has come to stay is local design. The closing of borders, the cutoff of communications between countries and the feeling of solidarity with local producers during the crisis, have contributed to this.

In addition, supporting local design is also related to environmental concerns that have increased during the pandemic. Air quality has improved in many cities thanks to the reduction of transportation and industrial activity. People are now more aware of the environmental footprint left by the products they buy.

In summary, hygiene, form, function and sustainability will be the basics pillars in this new stage.

Are you ready for it?


Main Image: Sterilising lamp by Fran Chou; Peanut Robot by Keenon and Cover mask by VYZR Technologies