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Design trends for 2020: an overview

01 / 22 / 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, a period of time that will be mainly defined by the concern for the environment, the pollution of the atmosphere and the waste on land and at sea, by the empowerment of women, by the post-digital revolution…

Clearly design cannot be left aside of all these issues.

But without anticipating what will happen in the next few years, we now present a few design trends that await us this year, which has just started.  

Biodegradable materials, upcycling and products that complete the circle of recycling are also some of the trends for this year that appeal to the creativity of designers to reduce the waste we generate. The reuse of plastic to manufacture garments, complements and tiles is already on the agenda, but this trend is expected to continue growing.

The year will also be marked by more inclusive designs and designers will be expected to approach their projects in line with the corporate social responsibility of the companies they work for.

Storytelling, on the other hand, has already been in use for several years, but it continues to be useful to connect with the audience. The brand needs to tell a story to help clients experience the essence of the product and this can be achieved by creating a visual and narrative identity that offers a user experience.  

It seems that gradients, a trend that started last year, will continue this year, which along with the use of bright colors, will try to capture the attention of the audience among so much information. Moreover, designs with monochrome or bi-color palettes are a sure bet that allow us to ignore the superfluous and focus on the message.

And speaking of color, each year, and for more than two decades, the Pantone Color Institute chooses what will be the color of the year, a selection process that entails a thorough research and analysis of trends. Among these we find the entertainment industry, films in the shooting stage, traveling art exhibitions, new artists, fashion, all design areas, popular tourist destinations and new lifestyles, gaming and entertainment trends and socioeconomic conditions. Likewise, these influences may originate from new technologies, materials, textures and effects that affect color. This year, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue has been chosen, a timeless and everlasting blue tone that stands out for its elegance and simplicity. In the words of the Pantone Color Institute, this blue tone instills calmness, trust and connection, the necessary qualities to start this new era that is expected to be hectic.