Italo Armone, from IED in Milan to interior designer at Ivar, London

11 / 14 / 2018

"Design is a combination between art and functionality, between the sole pursuit of beauty and everyday life." These are the words of Italo Armone, winner of the third prize in the London edition of the One Day Design Challenge 2017.

This young interior designer, born in Italy, has lived in London for the last few years and works at the prestigious interior architecture studio Ivar. Part of his work is to design furniture and interiors for Ivar’s different projects and to participate in their development. One of his last projects has been the Rochester Apartment, in Westminster, in central London. From the design of the carpet in the dining room to the sliding doors and the furniture in the kitchen, everything in this apartment breathes the Ivar style in which Armone has worked intensely.


His experience as a furniture and interior designer comes from his years of study at the prestigious IED Design School in Milan.

The proposal he presented at the One Day Design Challenge, developed together with his brother Attilio and Costanza Ranieri, consists of a mechanism that is installed in the faucet and allows users to know how much water they consume in each action. This device, called Reeng, changes its color depending on the consumption, thus encouraging the reduction of water use. A prestigious jury made up of Sam Jacob, director of Sam Jacob Studio; Maha Kutay, design director at Zaha Hadid Architects; Risa Sano and Yasuyuki Sakurai, designers and partners at Mentsen highlighted its simple and intuitive system to monitor the use of water, and its originality, usability and futuristic approach.