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Roca One Day Design Challenge, much more than just one day

12 / 01 / 2016

Roca One Day Design Challenge, exploring in more detail its goal of promoting talent as a value and design and innovation as tools for the future among young professionals and students, wishes to take a step further and become an open and continuous platform that spreads news of the winners and collaborators of the competition. 

The universe of the Challenge and the provided solutions and exchange of ideas are so rich and encompassing that we believe it is necessary to share them and make them visible to a broader community of designers and creators. Our commitment is future-oriented: supporting these young professionals in their early careers, committing to talent and to a more sustainable and responsible future as in the end, design is an essential part of this process.

The blog of One Day Design Challenge is based on this willingness to serve, providing a content platform which is directly related to the competition but also to everything surrounding the creation and innovation of its protagonists, in line with the principles of the competition and of Roca, the entity that organises it.

In this blog you will find news, interviews, projects carried out by the participants or the members of the jury outside the competition, as well as useful tools and resources for the creative process. By building a community around the One Day Design Challenge we will be able to make the most of the values this challenge is proposing, providing continuity to the effort of one single day and making the work of its protagonists visible.