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NUA, a compact basin design that adapts both to domestic and public uses

07 / 24 / 2019

Sometimes, the simplest things tend to be the most practical and versatile. NUA, an ensemble made of a compact basin, a faucet and a mirror, aims to delve into minimalism by adapting one design to different bathroom styles and locations. It is a project by Anna Rudnicka, Anna Wozniakowska and Paweł Lasota, inspired by the test they faced at the Roca One Day Design Challenge, where they won the third prize of the 2018 Polish edition with Liky.

NUA comes in two versions: one for public spaces (Public) and another one for domestic spaces (Home).

NUA Public is a basin set which consists of an oval ceramic bowl, a long, subtle mirror, a touchless faucet and a minimalistic cabinet that is easy to keep clean. The set was designed to be consistent, useful and helping to hide unaesthetic hydraulic parts and dedicated to public spaces like hotels, shopping centers, health centers, hospitals and public toilets. 


One of the features to take into consideration is that NUA solves the problem of choosing a set from various elements, so that customers can save time, limit costs and get a finished product in a short time. The design has many different finishes, that is why it fits perfectly into any bathroom style. Additionally, the set can be equipped with a soap dispenser or a towel rack. 

The NUA Home version has a round and larger mirror, in a more adequate design for a domestic use, but all other elements are nearly identical. The different finishes ensure the adaptation to any space or bathroom style we might have.

The project is still in a design phase but the authors hope to be able to produce a prototype.