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Roca One Day Design Challenge awarded at the Red Dot Awards

11 / 12 / 2019

We have reasons to celebrate! The prestigious Red Dot Awards have awarded Roca One Day Design Challenge with a design and creativity prize in the Spatial Communications - Event Design category. 

Red Dot Award is one of the most renowned international design competitions, with over 60 years of history. Throughout the years, the “Red Dot” distinction has consolidated as one of the most valued quality seals worldwide. In this edition, international experts have assessed 8,697 projects and have selected those with the most outstanding design. 

Roca One Day Design Challenge stands out for being a global communication tool with a dynamic, creative and attractive format for the community of young designers. Roca’s commitment aims to support and provide visibility to young talent, but also to create a space for creativity, challenge and networking in the different cities it is held in.

The Roca One Day Design Challenge team would like to thank everyone who has been part of this project throughout the years, in particular all participants, because without them nothing would have been possible, and the members of the jury, for providing their expertise and knowledge. We cannot forget the sponsors we have had in the different editions held all around the world. Thank you!

This award recognizes the work carried out throughout the years to promote and provide visibility to young talent, a goal we would like to continue attaining from now on.