Take a look at the summary of the 2018 editions, winners and projects

02 / 21 / 2019

Last year was a year of growth for Roca One Day Design Challenge: it increased the number of cities that hold the competition, the number of participants and the collaborating institutions also grew… A success we hope to repeat in 2019, with the addition of new editions and a final surprise.

This year, the competition exceeded 2,000 participants and was held in fourteen cities in 11 different countries. A highlight to be mentioned is the arrival at the Latin American continent with the celebration of the competition in Brazil for the first time, with a success in terms of participation that leaves no doubt to a repetition next year.  Another important fact is the consolidation of the Roca One Day Design Challenge in Asia: for the first time Beijing joined Hong Kong and Shanghai, which have held the second and fourth edition, respectively. Outside China, United Arab Emirates hosted the third edition, Oman repeated for the second time and Singapore made its debut this year with an outstanding number of participants. In Europe, on the other hand, the participation in Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom stands out, as well as the success of the first editions in Bulgaria and Poland.

 Apart from the prize money and the participation in creativity and innovation workshops and master classes with renowned architects and designers, this year, for the first time, winners will have the opportunity of contributing to the rocagallery.com website with a text along with leading international critics and writers. A wide range of activities and opportunities for winners to make the most of their participation in the competition and to get to discover the reality of the professional world. 

If you have never participated we invite you to watch this video with a summary of the best of 2018, so that you can join us in 2019. And if you already know the competition, you will be able to remember the best moments of the year.