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The Spain winners jointly develop a coliving project, a new way of living in community

12 / 11 / 2019

There are many ways to awake creativity: some of us need to meditate in the morning, others get their ideas while they are showering, while others do not function until they have had at least three cups of coffee… And there are others who claim they are not creative at all. But the truth is that everyone is creative, one way or another. Being creative does not only imply knowing how to design or draw, we can all be creative in our everyday, in our daily chores… 

The participants in the workshop held in Barcelona, aimed at the winners of the editions in Barcelona and Madrid, have learnt how to awaken that creativity. Led by Marta Aymerich, the workshop consisted of creating a coliving project through different creative techniques taught during the session.

 To begin with, all participants started doing different fun exercises to connect with themselves and with all other participants and to get to know each other. Then they discussed how creativity works and how to develop it to finally create a project as a team. The goal of the project was to enjoy working together and sharing ideas, criteria and approaches, to obtain a much richer result. The chosen topic was coliving, a trend that is starting to be known in Spain, after having had great success in the United States and the rest of Europe

Coliving is a new way of living in which young entrepreneurs and designers live in individual rooms in a private area of the building, but have access to all common areas in which they connect with the community. This formula, halfway between a shared apartment and a student residence, mainly attracts young people, due to its flexibility and the great opportunity of being with other people with the same interests. These daily encounters in the common areas of the building can be the source of endless shared projects and a great dose of creativity. A very appealing topic the participants in the workshop could delve into and analyze during the entire day.

After sharing a few very intense hours, the participants in the workshop went home, perhaps thinking how well they would feel in the coliving they had designed…