Playground cities: spaces for recreation, a creative photography workshop

09 / 16 / 2018

The attendees had the chance of participating in an interesting educational workshop with Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda, both of them architects engaged in creative photography. In this theoretical and practical workshop, they learned to observe and represent architectural spaces from a new perspective. The aim was to create — and not simply take — their own photographs in a space as unique as the Roca Barcelona Gallery.

Playground cities: spaces for recreation is an introduction to creative photography in which city buildings and small everyday elements are a tool to generate original images that are able to convey a concept. The idea is to create graphic and aesthetic compositions as part of an intentioned narration by the photographer.

During the workshop, the participants were asked to work on the concept of “Geometry” within the environment of the emblematic building designed by OAB. To do this, they were able to wander through all rooms and spaces for at least one hour. Some widely used resources were different important elements of the construction, such as the use of light to project colors and shadows inside the building.

Photographic edition took up an important part of the workshop. Anna and Daniel showed the participants how to work the effects of their images in an analogue way, using stationery and manual skills. They also taught some notions of digital development to improve the perspective and finish of the photographs, respecting the real proportions of the building in order to be faithful to the work of the architect. 

The aim of this activity was to show these young designers and architects the key role played by photography to communicate their projects and the potential this medium has to reach a high number of users through social media.