Madrid (Spain)

Date: October 26 · 2019

October 26 · 2019


In 2019 for the first time Barcelona and Madrid celebrated separated editions.

With nearly 200 participants, the competition took place at the Roca Madrid Gallery on Saturday, 26th October and posed young designers and architects under the age of 30 the challenge of designing against the clock an innovative proposal for the bathroom space that complies with the briefing provided early that morning. 

The briefing announced focused on the waste of water in the bathroom space. Water is mostly wasted when searching for the right temperature and to face this problem, participants were challenged to design a clean water recycling device. They had to come up with designs that would add new features and functionalities without compromising hygiene and cleanliness. Moreover, the new devices had to integrate themselves in the bathroom spaces as accessories and they had to be easy to install.

Out of all registered projects, HIEDRA by Miguel Ángel Fernández and Alicia Simón (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) was chosen as the winner of the 3,000€ prize. The proposed design is based on an adaptable, modular, scalable product that visually conveys the concept of water reuse. ha sido.

The second prize of 2,000€ was awarded to Water SAVE SEAT by Alma Laut and Gabriel Jesús Santana (ESNE). The jury commented that this is a simple object,which covers different daily functions and which, moreover, is designed on a human scale and can be easily transported.   

The third prize of 1,000€ was forha sido TURBSI by Luisa Espinos (Escuela Lantern). The jury highlighted the way it transforms an everyday product into a tool to save water.   

The Special Sustainability Award presented by the We Are Water Foundation (500€) was also awarded to the winners of the first prize. Therefore, HIEDRA by Miguel Ángel Fernández and Alicia Simón (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) has been the star project of this edition obtaining two awards in the four categories of the competition.  


Awarded projects

2nd prize

Water Save Seat

Alma Laut

Gabriel Jesús Santana



Marta Alonso Yebra

With an educational background in Architecture and a passion for design, in 2014 she founded the studio Mayice along with Imanol Calderón Elósegui, and she is still part of it.  

At Mayice materials have a soul, the building of objects and spaces is carried out by using local crafts and technology. By analyzing problems and needs, they provide aesthetic and functional solutions, always taking care of materials, their history and processes. They work globally with their clients, always sharing.

In 2015, Marta won the award to Best Young Spanish designer, presented by Elle Deco, also obtaining an honorary mention at the Architizer Awards. Three years later, she was awarded at the Filamento Born Awards España, also at the Filamento Awards for Best Product IED 2018 Madrid and the Shortlist Dezeen Awards.

This year she has received the BUIT award for Gandía Blasco, design of New York.



Enrique Barrera Martínez

Enrique Barrera (ETSAM, 2000) combines his teaching activity with that of designer and architect. Co-founder of the studios In Design We Trust and Haiku arquitectura, he tries to find a balance between the different disciplines. He has won different national and international awards in the field of housing, public spaces and ephemeral architecture. In recent years he has worked mainly in the field of interior design, in particular in the hospitality and television industry, where has collaborated with such popular programs as "Pesadilla en la Cocina” or "First Dates".

*(He has been the director and professor of the Interior Design degree at ESNE, professor of the Fashion Design degree at ESNE, professor of Urban Planning at UCJC and guest lecturer of MACA at ETSAM)



Soledad Hernández de la Rosa

Designer. She has participated in the workshops of Círculo de Bellas Artes with: Isidoro Valcarcel Medina (National Award for Visual Arts 2007), Francesc Torres and Concha Jerez. She has also participated in the production of the exhibition: La Cabeza del Dragón, Francesc Torres, (Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía),

She founded the design studio Publyco in 1986, specializing in visual identity programs, corporate image, periodicals, books and design and implementation of websites.

She was the President of the Spanish Association of Design Professionals (known in Spanish as AEPD) from 2005 to 2009, where she performed promotion activities of the design and organization of the AEPD design awards.  



Jacobo Ordás Macías

Jacobo Ordás graduated in 2003 from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid (ETSAM). During his studies he participated in international competitions in Architecture, obtaining the first prize in the 9th edition of the PLADUR awards in the national and Iberian category (Spain and Portugal) and the 2nd prize in the international BIARC competition for the remodeling of the maritime front in Busan. He has been working in the architectural firm RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ ARQUITECTOS since 2003, currently holding the position of Head of Design and Project Equipment. He takes part in all stages of the project, from the Conception to the Construction Management, paying special attention to the incorporation of the latest technologies in the design and project processes. His experience encompasses multiple typologies, although Hospital Architecture stands out. He is currently involved in different international projects such as the Al-Hurriya and Al-Saab hospitals in Bagdag, the CTIC Treatment and Research Center in Bogota and a 300m high mixed-use tower for BMCE, in Rabat.

Josep Congost


Josep Congost

Born in 1956 in Barcelona, this engineer was a founding associate and chairman of the Governing Board of Ecotècnia S.Coop (1981-1989) and the Director of Vehicle Design at the NETC-B (Nissan European Technology Centre in Barcelona) (1989-97).

Since 1997, he has worked at Roca Sanitario SA, and he is currently the Design Director of the company’s design centre (Roca Design Center & Innovation Lab).


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