The competition aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

04 / 29 / 2019

Following the path of actively working to build a better future, Roca One Day Design Challenge has taken on the Sustainable Development Goals driven by United Nations in all its activities and communications. These seventeen goals, included in the Agenda 2030 about Sustainable Development, aim to achieve a fairer and more sustainable planet and include aspects such as raising awareness of the importance of the universal access to drinking water and sanitation, the elimination of poverty, the disappearance of hunger all around the world or universal health and well-being. 

Through the We Are Water Foundation, the organization that has channeled this collaboration with United Nations, the competition commits to disseminate and communicate the importance of a responsible use of water by promoting and rewarding all those projects that especially take this issue into consideration. Being a part of the Sustainable Development Goals is an honor, as it implies the validation by United Nations that the work we are carrying out with the competition to promote creativity and the professional development of future designers is also a step forward in raising awareness and encouraging more responsible attitudes. 

The sum of all initiatives can be a turning point to create a change of paradigm, so that our children can live in a fairer and more balanced world.