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Moodboards, a tool to expand your creativity

04 / 09 / 2019

Are you starting a new project and you find yourself sitting in front of a blank page for hours? The client is requesting the design and you have not even started it yet? Do you have plenty of ideas but do not know how to narrow them down? If you are familiar with any of these situations, we now present a possible solution or even a way of starting a project and moving forward in your creative process. This moodboard will allow you to select, organize and have a clearer picture of your goal when designing. 

A moodboard is, in fact, an inspiration wall, a collage including everything that inspires you around one single idea: photographs, sentences that inspire you, press clippings, color samples… With this tool you will be able to graphically and visually display a concept, an idea to determine the plastic foundation of your project, either in the field of interior design, graphic, product or even architectural design. You can use it for any purpose.  

A moodboard can physically exist –like the ones we used to create some years ago using clippings or other paraphernalia– or it can be virtual, using different apps that will help you to organize that excessive amount of digital information you receive.  

Before starting a moodboard you should choose some key words to define the project or what you wish to convey. Do not forget to choose a title as well. After that you can start collecting images, fabrics, colors or anything suggested by the key words you have previously defined. You can start discarding those things that stray from the path and do not hesitate to introduce a new key word if you feel it fits more. Play with all elements, mixing and relocating them. It is essential to keep filtering ideas until you reach the essential one.  

Once you believe you have captured everything you wish to use in your project, you should set the moodboard: if it is a physical one you can take a picture of it, for instance, or you can attach it to a notice board or some fabric and hang it from the wall. 

But if you are a more digital kind of person than an analogical one, there are several apps that can help you in your creative process. The most popular one is Pinterest, as a social network and an inspiration tool, but be careful, as such a huge amount of information can end up being a disadvantage for your purpose.

Niice, however, is more focused on creating visual boards, which can be shared and commented on in a collaborative type of work. There is also the option of creating private boards, without the need of sharing them with anyone. The drag and drop mechanism is also very simple.  

Dragdis, on the other hand, also allows users to save links, videos and text, apart from images, and it can be used in different devices.

These are a few of the many available apps to create moodboards. You only need to find the one that best works for you and start developing your unlimited creativity.