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The grand final of One Day Design Challenge 2019

03 / 28 / 2019

We will celebrate a very special edition of the competition next year, a grand final in which all first prize winners of the 2019 editions held in seventeen cities will be able to participate. The grand final will take place in Barcelona, at the Roca Barcelona Gallery, at the beginning of 2020. 

The event will include not only the celebration of the final but also the stay in Barcelona for a few days with a special program of activities for participants, such as networking with experts from the sector and other actions related to design and architecture. The jury will be made up of internationally acclaimed specialists, a fact that implies an important recognition from the sector.

This experience will be repeated every year with the winners of the competition of the previous year and will be an opportunity to encourage the interconnection between all winners and enrich their education, as well as giving them the opportunity of winning the contest once again. Perhaps this meeting will lead to future collaborative projects between designers from different countries, cultures and disciplines. That is the future of design, and we would like to encourage it.

We will provide more information on this special event through our social media and also through publications in this journal.  


Stay tuned!