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We Are Water Foundation Award

11 / 09 / 2017

Sustainability is a priority for Roca, and we see this in the research and resources devoted to achieve a more rational use of water. For this reason, the company implements increasingly more measures, both in the manufacturing processes and in the use of its products, to decrease the environmental effects, and the reduction of the water consumption is one of the most important ones.

Along with these measures there are also awareness-raising initiatives to decrease the water consumption at both private and corporate level, with conferences, exhibitions, specific actions, communication campaigns... For these reasons, the first edition of the One Day Design Challenge in Oman provided the opportunity to introduce a novelty in the competition and in the presented awards.  Apart from the first, second and third award of the Challenge, the We Are Water Foundation, an initiative driven by Roca, will present from now on, and provided the projects comply with the requirements, an award to the project that highlights “the value and commitment to sustainability, as water saving is something that needs to be integrated into the bathroom space.”

The first winners of this award were, on the one hand, Alicja Anna Kubicka, a participant of the Challenge Spain 2017, with Sinara, a proposal that “brings nature to the bathroom space.” The proposal reuses the water of the bath by means of plants that filter the grey water, thus achieving major savings of water and waste water. At the same time, it makes the bathroom a warmer space that integrates nature, creating a space of comfort and wellbeing.

In the Oman edition, the winners of the We Are Water Foundation Award were Siham Jasnak, Jawaher Al Hashim and Uraiba Iqbal with the proposal Smart Bath. It consisted of a panel that gives you full control before entering the bathroom and pampers you during the entire bath experience.

The We Are Water Foundation is a non-profit organisation, set up in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the resolution of problems derived from the lack of water and sanitation in the world. It develops projects that guarantee the access to water and sanitation in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet and promotes a new water culture that allows the sustainable management of water resources around the world. Other important initiatives of the We are Water Foundation are the We Art Water Film Festival and the campaign #NoWalking4water.